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Sir4ourth Enterprises is not your traditional Event Management Firm. We specialize in delivering the client a smooth, non-stressful, spectacular - within budget - event. What makes us great, is our ability to quickly problem solve before the client is aware of the issue. There are many moving parts in large - scale events and it's important to hire a company who is organized and able to keep all balls juggling in the air. What Sir4ourth Enterprises has done well, is to not only throw "pretty events" but hit those key elements like staying on budget (by having incredible negotiation skills), on message, and ultimately being logistically sound. We make it look easy because we spend the necessary time cultivating a solid plan to ensure everything is executed flawlessly. A great Event Management Firm not only has a plan in place but several back-ups so if a problem arises, a swift solution is already being implemented.

Events are meant to be fun, allow us to deal with the headaches while you (the client) enjoys.






The phase "4ourth Effect" was coined once the transformation of a space is completed. We can't stress enough how important it is for an event to run smoothly by ensuring all the logistics are solid. Have you ever attended an event and before you’ve reached registration, you already waited 30 minutes for someone to valet your car? Then, to only stand in a long line to finally give your name? At this point, it doesn't matter how great the space looks, you're already irritated from the logistical nightmares.

The ”4ourth Effect” focuses on all those key details.

Before you get to valet, we make sure there are ample signage so you find valet with ease. Additionally, we ensure there are many valet attendees so the process of dropping your car off is quick. We then utilize technology, partnered with ample bodies, so the registration process is fast and efficient. We've already done so much before you have walked into that "pretty space". Once you've left the event, and everything you've experienced was incredible - then you're able to truly understand and be a witness of the

”4ourth Effect.”



Sir4ourth Enterprises, was founded by Will Haggins IV (hence the Sir4ourth). Excelling in Corporate America, Will later determined it wasn't a good fit for him. After being diagnosed with ADHD and OCD, Event Management was a great industry for his inherited traits as well as his corporate skills. Having a strong background in Sales and Finance, has truly aided Will to stay on budget through having impeccable negotiation skills. It's those details in which makes Will great at large-scale events. His mind is unique and he has an ability to take on large tasks with ease. Everyone inquires, how was he introduced to the Event business? Well it's simple, he watched his mother. While growing up, Will watched her manage corporate events and saw an opportunity to make them better. All of his experiences including bartending, restaurant management, sales, and finance has given him the unique ability to execute large-scale events well. After leaving Corporate America, Will is truly fulfilled in the arena he is in now.

The best compliment is when guests are shocked when they meet the individual who put that event on. 


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